The Belfry over Steeples bookshop and cafe
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The Belfry

The Belfry is a magnificent space filled with natural light and decorated in a restful shade to sooth our visitors.  The area is fitted with state of the art mood lighting and audio visual equipment.  The Belfry has been hosting a number of classes, workshops and information sessions including:

  • Art classes with local artist Siobhan Leonard
  • Lyengar Yoga with Lisa Bedford for beginners, those with injuries and for seniors
  • Improving health using healing foods and learn to use herbal medicine at home with Claire Dolan
  • Historical lectures with Historian John Flannery among others

If you’re interested in delivering a workshop, classes or information session please e-mail us on  or call us on 067 – 64592. The Belfry is also available for private functions.

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