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The Daughterhood Book Review

The Daughterhood When Natasha Fennell’s mother was diagnosed with a progressive illness, she found herself wondering how she would cope when her mother was gone.   This self-scrutiny leads her to thinking… Do all daughters have these thoughts? Surely she wasn’t the first woman/daughter to have these thoughts?   On researching further she quickly learns that other daughters had similar fears and had never spoken about them before. Love for their mothers, regret for opportunities missed, resentments and emotional complexities all bubbled to the surface.

Through these conversations, a friendship blossomed with Róisín Ingle, popular columnist at the Irish Times. After a call out in Róisín’s column, hundreds of responses poured in and The Daughterhood was formed.

The Daughterhood met once a month to discuss their relationships with their mothers.   Some of the revelations will shock you and some you cannot help but read and instantly recognise yourself.

The authors chronicle seven types of daughters they meet along their journey researching into mother-daughter relationships (examples include the reluctant daughter, the dedicated daughter, the reliant daughter, etc). The Daughterhood actively shifts the spotlight from the daughters to mostly aging mothers and answers questions like….What does it feel like to be getting older, more fragile, coping with the fast changing world technology etc. how do they feel about us daughters and how we now parent, do they feel they have done a good job themselves. A brilliant concept, that’s turns out to be an unputdownable read.   Laugh out loud in parts, poignant in places. The honesty of this book leaves you thinking about you, your mother and daughter for days, weeks to follow.

Highly Recommended.

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